Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Personalized Hand Sanitizer Gift Idea

Last week on MomTV.com I shared a gift idea using a hand sanitizer and I created my own design using a scripture I love, Psalm 51:7. I actually got the idea from a website called The Idea Room, they have some really good ideas, you have to check them out! Here are just a few I designed, I have ideas for more, which I hope to do later today! I'll keep you posted!
if you click on this link you can see The Idea Rooms Ideas..

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Slimming Down...

18 days ago I made a deal to not get on Facebook till I lost 5 pounds, today I'm down 4 pounds! woohoo! Soon enough I'll be back on line! Believe me it's been rough. I've been watching what I'm eating, better portion control and TRYING to exercise! (trying!)

Even though I've missed all my fb friends and family, I've actually gotten closer to God! I've been reading more, relaxing more and really getting in tune with my body.

From the sounds of it, it doesn't seem like I missed too much, National Un-Friend day??? Wow! Talk about slimming down!

Well, just wanted to give an update..I'm here at Restoration Ranch where it was 48 degrees at 6pm..it's cold!

(Sitting by the fireplace and just thinking about you all! Sending you all blessings! Love you!)

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

LIVE today on MomTV, "How's Your Heart?"

It's Thursday! So join me LIVE on MomTV for my show "That's Life By KimmyG" it's an online bible study every Thursday morning at 10am. Today's sponsor of the show is Brandy Gardner an Independent Consultant of  "Compelling Creations" please check out her website they have some gorgeous stuff, great for holiday gifts! And make sure you log in to the chatroom and join the fun because there will be a random drawing at the end of the show! Be blessed and see you there!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Today's "The Best of Momtv Show"

Today I was a guest on "The Best of MomTV" show with Maria Bailey (Co-founder of Momtv.com) on The Pulse Network, I was so excited and so nervous but overall it was a great experience! Maria was in the Virgin Islands and I was here at home. Thank God for technology nowadays! I was able to talk a little bit about my show, "That's Life By KimmyG" on MomTV and share with the viewers where they could find me on my blog, youtube and twitter and reminding them to tune in on Thursdays at 10am (pst) Enjoy! (If you want you can scroll to 29:00 and my section should start shortly)

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Today I will be on "The Best of MomTV show" on Pulse Network!

Today I will be on LIVE at 10 am (pst) with Maria Bailey Co-Founder of MomTV on The Pulse Network so excited!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time to Slim Down - My 5lb or no facebook adventure

After my thyroid removal 2 years ago I've noticed that I'm having a harder time controlling my weight. So last night I decided to give up facebook until I lose 5 pounds! Yes I said, "No Facebook till I lose 5lbs!" I've allowed my daughter to change my password until I do just that...Lose 5lbs!

One of the things I keep thinking about is that my body is a temple, and how in the bible 1 Corinthians 6:19-20  it say's Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.

That is exactly what I want to do, honor God in all I do. So its time to rethink some of the things I've been eating and add into my schedule some exercising.

So you might be asking how will I do this? Well starting today I will weigh in with my daughter everyday. I plan on drinking lots of water and watching what I'm eating. Also no soda and no fast food! I will also do my elipitical machine for exercise and maybe some wii.

I will also stand on a scripture each day and today's will be.

Isaiah 40:31: But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

I'm excited for this new strength, and looking forward to God using this experience for His glory. I'll keep you posted!

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Days I Will Always Remember

I was just laying here in my bed and I realized I didn't hear any noise in the hallway. Not like a few years back when there were 3 little girls growing up in our home. Back then it wouldn't be odd to hear one of them on the phone, the other looking for something she is missing and one screaming outside with her friends even though it was past the time for her to be indoors.

You always hear people say "time goes by fast so enjoy it." It is so true, my little girls are no longer little, and the giggles are no longer in the halls.

But if I listen closely, I can almost hear those laughters especially of the days when I would start a toilet paper fight with my husband.
(oh it happened often!)

I admit it, I would start the war!

This is how it would happen:

As my husband would be talking to the girls I would sneak away and get my ammunition (2 or 3 rolls of toilet paper) Oh believe me, I knew exactly what I was doing, because ultimately I knew that the girls would never hesitate to join my team!

Here was my plan:

1st step: AIM good!

2nd step: RUN FAST!

It never failed as soon as the first roll was thrown it was free game to bombard Dad! With 3 bathrooms in the house we'd all grab toilet paper rolls and start throwing! Sometimes my husband was downstairs and we would be upstairs or vice versa. Either way the screams and laughter would fill our home. Us girls would scream even more when we realized that with us 3 throwing and missing, he had more "ammo" than us!
Meanwhile our lights turned off and on from us hiding from him and from him hiding from us!

Sooner or later I had no choice but to resort to....SHAVING CREAM!

Of course this resulted in more screams and laughter throughout the house and we all ended up with shaving cream in our faces and hair!

Reflecting on those moments, I realized even though I say I love the peace and quiet of having adult children, I really do miss those days, and I'll always remember those days like it were yesterday. Afterall it does say in Proverbs 17:22 A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing,but a broken spirit dries up the bones. Do you have any days you'll always remember?

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"He Gave His Everything"

I shared this today on MomTV.com, for those who couldnt see the show LIVE..Be Blessed.

I rose early this morning, even before the doves and other birds started chirping. I seen the cows from a distance but heard nothing… not even a peep from such a large animal. The cows quietly grazed on the field, following each other through a trail of bushes.

No sound.

Maybe that’s how God feels sometimes, He watches us from a distance going about our daily business but hears nothing…

No sound.

He probably wonders how could we choose to go about our day and not even seek his face. To wake up and not be thankful that He gave us another breathe of life. To not even be thankful that our refrigerator has atleast one more meal, little alone a weeks worth. To not be thankful that when we went to start our car, that it still runs. We watch tragic accidents happen on the daily news, however we still don’t thank him for keeping us safe. We go to our jobs and expect more, we want less hours, but more pay, not even thankful for just having a job anymore.

We’re just quiet.

I’m so emotional right now, I can hardly stop the tears from flowing down my face. The last couple of days I was going about my day trying not to think of some situations that are going on in my life right now. Trying to convince myself that I gave it all to God. But did I? Or did I try not to think about it all together? Now don’t get me wrong I’ve prayed about all of these situations many times. But I guess this time I tried to push the feelings aside so much that I somehow pushed God aside too.

It wasn’t the same as before where I could go to my room and wake up the next day and move on. The pain and hurt was distracting me from listening not to mention speaking to my almighty God. So He guided me here to Restoration Ranch for one reason, to get me away so that I could listen.

Read Habakkuk 2:1-3 (Where do you go to seek him?)

I will stand my watch

And set myself on the rampart,

And watch to see what He will say to me,

And what I will answer when I am corrected.

Then the LORD answered me and said:

“ Write the vision

And make it plain on tablets,

That he may run who reads it.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time;

But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.

Though it tarries, wait for it;

Because it will surely come,

It will not tarry.

Scared to react, I just sit still and try to listen. Listen to what He might be saying…Listening to His voice…

But I heard nothing.

Usually a conversation takes place when one person talks and another listens and they go back and forth having a conversation. But did I even ask him to speak to me? The word of God says “ask and it shall be given to you” and I think a lot of the times we just don’t ask. Or atleast not for the right things.

I broke down and started asking God to show me, and speak to me.

He did… He showed me.

In James 4:1-3 What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don't they come from your desires that battle within you? You want something but don't get it. You kill and covet, but you cannot have what you want. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.

He quickly corrected me on what I was praying for. and quickly asked what was it that I wanted?

I think as a parent we give and give and give, sometimes our kids don’t even ask, we just give. We give because we want them to have the best. We give because we want them to be happy. But then there are those time when we give because they ask, and it is a delight for us to be able to give to them.

Our God delights in us also and wants to give to us.

And in 1John 5:14-15 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.

Now where am I going with this? Being broken I came here to the ranch, to hear God speak and last night as I prepared to put on my pajamas for bed, I mumbled out loud “I gave you my everything”. Now at this point only a few close friends and God know what that actually meant to me. But what happened next was enough to send me to tears as I laid my head on the counter.

I heard “ I gave YOU my everything”.

Tears started to flow down my face, knowing exactly what He meant. He had given me His all. He gave up His life, just like I had given up my life for my daughter. At age 19 I became a single parent when I had my daughter. She is my everything. I dedicated the next 21 years to making her happy, providing for her and protecting her. God was showing me that He had done the same for me. He also started showing me that I too have failed him, not just once but several times. I too have said harsh things to him in the midst of a storm. But He still loved me. He still encouraged me to keep going.

In Psalm 37:23-24

The steps of a [good] man are directed and established by the Lord when He delights in his way [and He busies Himself with his every step]. Though he falls, he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord grasps his hand in support and upholds him.

I cried some more, recollecting all the things I had done till now at the age of 40. Things that I’m sure he shook his head and said, “Kim, Kim, Kim.” Several times I’m sure he had to say, “It’s okay, get up, and try again!” He had definitely at times hand to grasp my hand and support me.

I quickly said, “Okay God, I get it!”

What did I get? I got the fact that loving unconditionally is a commandment. And that even though I had been hurt or discouraged that I too had to continue to love like He had loved me. If any of you know me, I love all my kids with all my heart, I give my all! But God was saying something different.

In John 13:34 "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

He loved us so much, how could we not love one another in the same manner. He gave a command, not an idea or thought. He didn’t say just “love one another“, but he said, “AS I HAVE LOVED YOU!” He has loved me so much that I have to stick to his command.. And to be honest with you “I have a lot of loving to do if I want to catch up to Him!” The tears start to flow again at that thought.

“I have a lot of loving to do, He gave me His everything, so much that now I have to continue to give MY everything.”

I sat there for a bit and wept, When he gave his everything for me, He hurt, He suffered, but He rose up again!

I said to myself, I too shall rise again. I immediately started to feel better knowing that He was hearing my prayer, and that He knew my heart.

In James 4:10

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor.

And his word says that He is the lifter of our heads,

Psalm 3:3 But you are a shield around me, O LORD; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.

It was because of me seeking his quiet voice that he lifted me up again. He began to not only show me but heal me so that I could love the way He loved me.

He is the reason we love, and it is because “He gave His everything”

I pray you were blessed and that you are encouraged to love as He has loved you!

I have to give a special thanks to Restoration Ranch for being my still and quiet place and thank you Jesus for loving me the way you do…KimmyG

The days are long but the years are short, love like He loved you and enjoy each moment you have together!

This blog and video is dedicated to my daughter, Jessica. God knows your heart, and as a young mom I pray that you’re forever embraced by our Gods Love, and that you love your daughter “as He has loved you!” Love, Mom.
That's Life by Kimmy G.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Choosing To Enjoy Life

Today I choose to enjoy every minute of my life. After all I'm able to spend a day with my granddaughter. I choose to laugh with her, and sing silly songs.I will enjoy the great caramel latte, that I made here at home using my Tassimo machine. I will enjoy the outdoors when we take a walk.  I will connect with people that have the desire to better people. I will choose to continue to learn by reading and studying those things that will enhance my life and those around me. I will enjoy all my successes both big and small.

But most of all I will choose to serve my God, both in my home and outside of it!

What will you choose?

Ecclesiastes 8:15
I commend the enjoyment of life, because nothing is better for a man under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany him in his work all the days of the life God has given him under the sun.

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Friday, September 17, 2010

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hey Everyone, join me tomorrow, Thursday August 5th @ 10am  for my first "That's Life By KimmyG" LIVE web show on www.momtv.com/thats-life  I'm so excited because I know that the Lord has opened these doors for me to encourage women just like you! You'll also want to join the "chat room" because there will be giveaways at the end of the show! You don't want to miss it! I look forward to seeing you all there!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What are you passing on?

The other night at the dinner table my husband decided to do what he does best, start a game! (just FYI I've never been much of a game person) What was the game, you ask? "Name a phrase... any phrase."

my daughter said, "You make a better door than a window"

then her boyfriend said, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you"

my husband said, "It is more blessed to give than receive" 

then its my turn...I freeze...the pressure is on...

everyone is looking at me...

and I say my normal line "I don't want to play". 

"I don't like playing games guys" but my husband insists.

I finally burst out,
"I wasn't allowed to play games at the dinner table!"

Not only did I surprised my daughter but I surprised myself too, I couldn't believe I had just blurted that out! I know she seen in my eyes that I really didn't want to participate. She even tried to change the subject for me so we could continue to eat. But after dinner I kept thinking about it in the back of my mind. Wow, I thought, that's a blog!

But what was the big deal? I guess I was so surprised that it was something that I remembered so vividly. It was something that was passed onto me as a child and I still did it as an adult! When I was a child if we laughed and played we had to stand up and eat. Not only could I not laugh but I had to watch the way I sat at the dinner table. I couldn't rest my head on my hand during dinner either! Now don't get me wrong I'm a strong believer on manners at the table, but I guess I have mixed emotions on this because I do believe that you should have conversations and laugh at the table. However, playing games is something I prefer not to do.

But now that I have you thinking about the things you we're taught as a kid, what is it that you're passing on to your children? Is it bringing your laptop to the dinner table? Talking on the cell phone when you're eating?

With today's lifestyles and busy schedules, us moms are constantly driving kids to and from places like soccer and baseball practices. It is almost easier to just drive through somewhere and pick up a quick meal as well as have a "on the go" conversation. If everyone is so busy, when is the time you instill in them some of the really important stuff? Like the word of God, manners, or teach them conversation skills. (I'm sure you've noticed that today's kids are losing their communication skills because of all the texting they do.)

I seen this cartoon recently...try not to allow this to happen to you.

This little cartoon is cute and hilarious but so true for our kids generation..right?

So you're wondering with all this going on, when ARE you supposed to instill important things in your child?
Well in Deuteronomy 6:6-9 it says, Write these commandments that I've given you today on your hearts. Get them inside of you and then get them inside your children. Talk about them wherever you are, sitting at home or walking in the street; talk about them from the time you get up in the morning to when you fall into bed at night. Tie them on your hands and foreheads as a reminder; inscribe them on the doorposts of your homes and on your city gates.

(This is a great place for me to advertise my part time business, http://kimmyg.uppercaseliving.net/ where you can actually design your own scriptures for your walls at home!)

We are commanded to talk to our children, and teach them. We are to talk to them wherever we are, sitting at home or walking in the street; talk from the time you get up in the morning to when you fall into bed at night. So ultimately they will pass it on to their children and so on.

I have to say that even though I wasn't allowed to laugh or play games at the dinner table, I'm so grateful that I had grandparents and parents that took the time to teach me things that I value today, the word of God.

Is there anything you remember as a kid that you were taught, is there anything that you would do differently or the same? Please share!

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Memorize Mondays

Jeremiah 33:3 talks about calling out to God so that He can answer you and tell you Great and unsearchable things you do not know. I thought about the internet and how we use it so much...SEARCHING! I did a little study and it showed that the average person used the internet 68 hours a month! Wow! Can you imagine if the average person used 68 hours a month calling out to God? You and I both search the internet daily, but what do you ask God daily? Do you even call unto him? And are you still enough to hear him when He answers? Our Heavenly Father is so willing to tell us of great things but we need to take the first step and call unto Him! I encourage you this week to pray and write down what you are calling unto God for, and then when He answers you write it down! Let's see how awesome of a God we serve! Blessings to you all, thanks for following Memorize Mondays!

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Memorize Mondays

The scripture I memorized last week was

Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus,

so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

When I think about this scripture I think about how awesome He is to plan out my life. I can remember somethings He had planned for me to do...here are a few.

1.Meet my homeroom teacher from Jr. High, Mrs. Baca, she is a great inspiration to me.

2.Have tea with Alicia, (elder lady from my church) what a divine appointment and future blog!

3.Meet one of my best friends Esther, without her encouragement I probably wouldn't be where I am today.

4.Stop and talk to a young lady who was ditching school.

5.Stop and talk to a 8 yr old boy walking on the streets alone.

6.My favorite? My new friend Nicole, God wanted her to know she was more than a sign twirler!

Can you think of something God has planned for you to do? What was your favorite so far?

The next scripture I will memorize is
Jeremiah 33:3
'Call to me and I will answer you and
tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.'

Want to join me? Post the scripture you plan on memorizing below.

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Say Something Positive

I started off today thinking "Say something positive about yourself" Why? Because I need to remind myself who I am! You need to remind yourself who you are! You are a good housewife, you are a good mom, you are beautiful, you are smart! The world is full of so much negativity, and if we really paid attention to our days we would notice more negative than positive.

Just yesterday I walked into the Tea House and my favorite Tea-rista said "You look nice today" I was going to disregard the comment but I quickly caught myself, and I said "Oh, Thank You!"

At that moment I thought about writing this blog,
because we do this so often!

We disregard who we are and we disregard compliments from others.
Someone says "Oh, I love that sweater!"
and we say "Oh, this? It's so old.." blah blah blah...

I remember in high school we had a Life Skills class and the teacher taught us how to accept a compliment. It took a lot of practice for us, and I remember we would laugh and giggle each time because it was so abnormal for us to accept a positive compliment.

I don't know about you but I can't think of any successful olympians or business women that achieved due to negative thinking about themselves. I'm sure they had to pump themselves up at times, by saying positive things.

I believe that God is calling us to step up and believe in who we are! He wants us to think positive of ourselves! We can't wait for someone to say positive things to us but we have to be able to see it for ourselves, know it and say it!
If we aren't use to it, we need to start now!
We need to start proclaiming who we are! The word of God says..

I am able..Phil 4:13
I am beautiful...Psalm 149:4
I am a Conqueror...Romans 8:37
I am a delight...Psalm 147:11
I am enriched.... 1 Cor 1:5
I am Favoured....Job 10:12
I am a heir of God...Titus 3:7!

Wow! That should jumpstart you! I am an heir of God! You are Royalty! You are marvelous! You are all things! Just proclaim it!

Repeat this:
"I will walk tall, I will accept all compliments and I will Praise God for He is the one who formed me and He Believes in me and I will Believe in me too! I will speak positive words over my life everyday! Amen!

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do Your Homework First

Do you remember the days when you would come home from school and your parents made sure you did your homework first before you played outside? Nowadays playing outside seems so archaic, like really...walk outside right now do you really see kids playing outside?
Not many!

Well anyways, when I started to think about "Do your homework first" I thought about all the things I'd like to do for the Lord, bible school, memorize more scripture, post more frequent on my blog, and get involved in a critique group and the list goes on. My problem is when to do it, my days seem so full. I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way. How can we possibly squeeze in another thing to our schedules?

My prayers have been "Lord, tell me what I should be doing and when."

The answer was..."Do your homework first!"

"Oh yeah!" I answered quickly.

I was always pretty good about doing that as a kid, so I should have no problem doing it as an adult right? Wrong! Nowadays we have so many more distractions! We have our cell phones, IM, emailing, texting, facebook, twittering and thousands of tv channels!

I'm going to date myself but when I was a kid we had 12 channels, and a corded phone that barely reached around the kitchen wall enough for me to say "I'll talk to you tomorrow at school." and to play outside was a privilege I didn't want to jeopardize.

So now I'm being asked to go back to when I was a kid and Do my Homework first? What does that mean to me? It means to me that the Lord is saying "do it FIRST!"

I'm taking this as a challenge!

Matthew 6:33 (Amplified Bible)

But seek ([a]aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness ([b]His way of doing and being right), and then all these things [c]taken together will be given you besides.

The challenge is to daily do that what the Lord has called me and you to do FIRST,
then do everything else after!

Now I'm not saying go quit your day job...but here are some examples I can think of:

Let your Instant Message be to God first

Don't read your emails till you've read the bible

Don't change your status on facebook till you know your status with Him

Don't follow someone else on twitter, unless you follow Him first!

Wake up earlier if you don't have time in the day.
Mark 1:35 Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.

Put aside time at night, instead of watching TV for a couple hours.

Study the word of God for the same amount of time it takes you to put on your makeup

I know that if we seek him first he will be so excited, remember he is a jealous God and He Loves You!

Can you think of anymore ideas that could help someone seek God first?

What do you do, Homework first or Play first and how do you plan on changing that? I'd love to hear it!
That's Life by Kimmy G.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Memorize Monday

In the following video I memorized the scripture Philippians 2:14-15 (New King James Version) Do all things without complaining and disputing,that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world.

I love the way the scripture says "become" not that we're born willing to do everything without complaining but that we may become!

I know we can all use this scripture in our lives as a reminder to not complain etc. It was just today I had to tell myself, "Okay Kim, remember the scripture!" sad part is...I had just woke up! Come on people it's time to be real right?

("K.I.R" KEEP IT REAL! is what Bianca Juarez recently said at a conference at Calvary Light! She was hilarious! And I love for people to be real!

Enjoy the video and join me in memorizing a scripture this week...post it in the comments!

This week I plan on memorizing
Ephesians 2:10 (New Living Translation)

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus,
so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

I Love it! And can't wait to see what God has prepared for me to do!


That's Life by Kimmy G.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am Free!

This morning when I woke up the first thing that popped up in my mind was the word "FREE". The Lord started showing me some of the things He has done for me so that I could be FREE, Free to run, Free to dance, and Free to live for him!

He reminded me that there was a day that I didn't want to be a kid or run around like one because someone had molested me, but He set me Free and allowed me to forgive that person...Iam now Free to run!

He reminded me that there was a day when the doctors said I could possibly have Lupus, and it hurt for me to wash my own body in the shower little alone dance, but he healed me and now Iam Free to dance!

He reminded me of the days I would try to "fit in" by going to bars and night clubs, He showed me that those places weren't for me and that He set me Free to live for him!

I don't know about you but I am so glad that I woke up knowing that I am Free..Let today be the day that you Praise God for all the things that he has set you Free from!

John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Look left, Look right..now Look to God!

I woke up this morning a little discouraged...I guess you can say not everything is going the way "I feel" it should be. However, I quickly was reminded that it is exactly the way God has planned it to be.

As I laid in bed wishing I could just throw the blankets over my head and stay there all day, I remembered a scripture in Deuteronomy 5:32-33 So be very careful to act exactly as God commands you. Don't veer off to the right or the left. Walk straight down the road God commands so that you'll have a good life and live a long time in the land that you're about to possess.

I laid there in a bed a little bit longer pondering on that scripture and then I thought about an article that I had recently read.

It was about young kids getting in accidents because they look to the left and to the right - and then dash straight into an oncoming car. The safety experts were saying they know something that parents and teachers don't. They said that the children depend on the magic of the words to protect them from danger, rather than their senses and common sense. If you don't know what I'm talking about watch the video below. (Don't worry nothing bad happens! its actually cute!)

The article said that the familiar "look left, look right, look left again before you cross the road" is just a charm to young kids, according to the experts. The experts said that adults should not rely on logical explanations to make a young child obey safety rules. Implying that a better tactic with toddlers is an absolute prohibition such as, "No. You may not do that." They said instead of allowing kindergarten children and first-graders to turn the "left, right, left" street-crossing rule into a rhythmic head-nodding exercise signifying nothing, have the child identify something up on the road to the left. That way they're not just nodding their heads in time to the required ritual. Instead they're focusing.

So why do I mention this article? To make you think a little...of course! Just like a child needs to focus on what they are doing so they don't get hurt... so do we...and in Deuteronomy 5:32-33 it says just that!

You and I both KNOW what is to the left and to the right of us in our current situations and the word of God says that we should stay focused on God so that we can possess all he has for us! I encourage you to continue to ask God to direct your paths because afterall he is our "safety expert".

Proverbs 4:25 Show me the right path, O LORD; point out the road for me to follow.

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to Manage Your Emotions

Today at the Life Builder Seminar I guess you can say there was a room full of emotions..over 100 women of all ages came out to build up themselves with other Women with Purpose and Dignity through God's Word and Principles.

Pastor Cathy Guerrero and Hope Olivas shared some moments in their own lives when they needed to learn to manage their emotions. They gave so many keys to managing our emotions but I just chose a few to share here on the blog, but I encourage you to make it to the next meeting! They are great!

Now I'm going to be honest with you, last month when Pastor Cathy announced the topic "Managing Your Emotions" I thought to myself "Oh great Lord! This is going to be a month full of emotions now!" and it WAS!

just a few emotions that I can recall:

my grandson had to undergo surgery....worried

my parents moved 2 hours away.....sad

I was at a bible study and a shooting happened right outside... scared!

our track of homes are being tested for soil contamination...uncertain

my daughter got a job...HAPPY!

Every day it happens, we experience emotions, we all do.
But the main thing is HOW DO YOU MANAGE THEM?
or do they manage you?

I like the way Hope referenced to a few cartoon characters that she recalls acting like when she allowed her emotions to control her. I'm sure we can all relate, I know I can!
Chicken Little: Always worried!

Eeyore: Depressed, Gloomy, Negative, Pessamistic

Cruella De Ville: Evil & Full of Anger

To manage means to handle, direct, govern or control in action or use.
So as we learn to manage our emotions, it will take PRACTICE!
P-Practice self awareness
R-Reach out to God
A- Activate positive self talk
C-Control the way you express yourself
T-Train your mind to think on things that are positive
I-Identify what triggers some of your emotions
C-Consisitency is important
E-Emotional Itelligence

I think one of the keys that helped me the most was Being aware (self awareness of where Iam at the moment) Sometimes we get so caught up in the situation we immediatly go back to the past and hash up more emotions. We need to Be present, keep it to Real time, what am I feeling at the present time.

Another good tip was, Take time to process and make correct choices. Negative emotions produce bad decisions. A good example of this is Cain in the Bible Genesis 4:1-8. he didn't make a very good choice, read it when you can!

Sometimes before I make a decision I have to do this myself, I just tell my family I'm going upstairs for a little bit. It gives me time to pray, to think, to listen before I react on a situation. I haven't always been like this, it has taken a lot of PRACTICE!

I agree with Pastor Cathy "emotions are not wrong, its all about how we preceive, define, handle and express them that will make the difference!"
I pray that you are blessed with some of the tips that stood out to me and
Remember, what people do to you and what has been done to you is not what determines the outcome of your life, but how you respond to it and the decision you make after it happens.

Proverbs 11:17 (MES)
When you're kind to others, you help yourself; when you're cruel to others your hurt yourself.

Proverbs 23:7
For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.

2 Corinthians 10:5 (NIV)
We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

ps..next month's topic is "Living with Balance" come join us!

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Memorize Mondays

Last week's scripture I memorized was Galatians 6:9 where it talks about not becoming weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap a harvest if we do not give up. I related it to working out, and how sometimes working out is painful, and it hurts! It's alot like our walk with God, sure sometimes its painful, but we have to continue to do good so that we can reap the harvest! Sometimes that means being nice to someone even though they don't deserve it, or it can be volunteering at your church or school..we just never know who will be affected by the good things we do, but we do know that you will be blessed in the long run for doing them! (right mouse click & "refresh" if you dont see the video below.)

Hope you join me again next week for another great verse..I plan on memorizing Philippians 2:14-15 (New King James Version)

Do all things without complaining and disputing, that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who Do You Follow

The other day I was out at the beach
and all of a sudden a bunch of seagulls flew by.
What caught my eye was that the majority of them
were following the leader in a straight line. 
It got me thinking..
"Wow, bees do this, birds do this,
sheep do this, and fish too!"
(I'm sure there are more but those are the ones that popped in my brain)

Which leads me to the question,
"Who do you follow?"
In John 8:10 it says,
Once more Jesus addressed the crowd.
He said, I am the Light of the world.
He who follows Me will not be walking in the dark,
but will have the Light which is Life.

As believers we should be following God,
his word, and his commandments.
But occasionally we fall off track,
like a few of the birds in the picture.

Can you think of what would take you off track
or what would cause you not to follow?
Below are 2 things I can think of: 

1) Rather than following His will, we follow our own,

2) Not waiting for His timing but making it happen on our own.   

Though times we get off track,
all we have to do is meditate in His word and in prayer
 and our loving God is always there to welcome us back! 
In 1John 1:9 it says,
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just
to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Can you think of a time when you got off track, and then you realized it?
What did you do? How did you feel? I'd love to hear it!

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Memorize Mondays

Last week's scripture I memorized was Romans 10:9-10, I'm so glad I picked that scripture, I feel so confident now to share that scripture with someone who may not have a relationship with God. Just a little fyi: I don't memorize scripture to say I know 1000 scriptures..I memorize scriptures so that I can store them up in my heart & mind so that when the day comes that I need to share his word, I will be fully equipped! Join me for memorize mondays by posting in the comments which scripture you plan on memorizing!

This week's scripture: Galatians 6:9 (King James Version)

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

That's Life by Kimmy G.

Friday, April 23, 2010

We All Fall Short Friday

This last week has been pretty crazy
and it seems like when our lives get too busy
we tend to make sillier mistakes...
like lock our keys in the car,
forget where we hid something,(huh?)
lose our headpiece for the cellphone (it was under a box all along!)

the sad thing is...
these are just a FEW of the crazy things we did this week!

And below are just a few we actually caught on camera!

Although it's funny, it's always a good reminder that we are normal,
and to always remember that when we make mistakes
are loving God is always there to pick us back up!
Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Can you see where the problem is?
This mommy put her spoonful of baby food in her cup of coffee!

This article was inspired by My Blessed Life, if your interested in more Friday Fails check out her site!

That's Life by Kimmy G.