Monday, June 28, 2010

Memorize Mondays

Jeremiah 33:3 talks about calling out to God so that He can answer you and tell you Great and unsearchable things you do not know. I thought about the internet and how we use it so much...SEARCHING! I did a little study and it showed that the average person used the internet 68 hours a month! Wow! Can you imagine if the average person used 68 hours a month calling out to God? You and I both search the internet daily, but what do you ask God daily? Do you even call unto him? And are you still enough to hear him when He answers? Our Heavenly Father is so willing to tell us of great things but we need to take the first step and call unto Him! I encourage you this week to pray and write down what you are calling unto God for, and then when He answers you write it down! Let's see how awesome of a God we serve! Blessings to you all, thanks for following Memorize Mondays!

That's Life by Kimmy G.

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Nonna Linda said...

Kimmy G,
This was one of your best!
I am so proud of you, I love who you are, you make me want to know more about and be closer to GOD. You have an amazing aura about you, I know it's God beaming out of you. Keep going girl, you are an inspiration to me.
love ya girlie !!