Thursday, June 17, 2010

Say Something Positive

I started off today thinking "Say something positive about yourself" Why? Because I need to remind myself who I am! You need to remind yourself who you are! You are a good housewife, you are a good mom, you are beautiful, you are smart! The world is full of so much negativity, and if we really paid attention to our days we would notice more negative than positive.

Just yesterday I walked into the Tea House and my favorite Tea-rista said "You look nice today" I was going to disregard the comment but I quickly caught myself, and I said "Oh, Thank You!"

At that moment I thought about writing this blog,
because we do this so often!

We disregard who we are and we disregard compliments from others.
Someone says "Oh, I love that sweater!"
and we say "Oh, this? It's so old.." blah blah blah...

I remember in high school we had a Life Skills class and the teacher taught us how to accept a compliment. It took a lot of practice for us, and I remember we would laugh and giggle each time because it was so abnormal for us to accept a positive compliment.

I don't know about you but I can't think of any successful olympians or business women that achieved due to negative thinking about themselves. I'm sure they had to pump themselves up at times, by saying positive things.

I believe that God is calling us to step up and believe in who we are! He wants us to think positive of ourselves! We can't wait for someone to say positive things to us but we have to be able to see it for ourselves, know it and say it!
If we aren't use to it, we need to start now!
We need to start proclaiming who we are! The word of God says..

I am able..Phil 4:13
I am beautiful...Psalm 149:4
I am a Conqueror...Romans 8:37
I am a delight...Psalm 147:11
I am enriched.... 1 Cor 1:5
I am Favoured....Job 10:12
I am a heir of God...Titus 3:7!

Wow! That should jumpstart you! I am an heir of God! You are Royalty! You are marvelous! You are all things! Just proclaim it!

Repeat this:
"I will walk tall, I will accept all compliments and I will Praise God for He is the one who formed me and He Believes in me and I will Believe in me too! I will speak positive words over my life everyday! Amen!

That's Life by Kimmy G.


Mama Hen said...

You are so right about staying positive and reminding ourselves to be and stay positive. It can be difficult at times, but we have to keep saying it to ourselves each day. Great list to jumpstart! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

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