Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Days I Will Always Remember

I was just laying here in my bed and I realized I didn't hear any noise in the hallway. Not like a few years back when there were 3 little girls growing up in our home. Back then it wouldn't be odd to hear one of them on the phone, the other looking for something she is missing and one screaming outside with her friends even though it was past the time for her to be indoors.

You always hear people say "time goes by fast so enjoy it." It is so true, my little girls are no longer little, and the giggles are no longer in the halls.

But if I listen closely, I can almost hear those laughters especially of the days when I would start a toilet paper fight with my husband.
(oh it happened often!)

I admit it, I would start the war!

This is how it would happen:

As my husband would be talking to the girls I would sneak away and get my ammunition (2 or 3 rolls of toilet paper) Oh believe me, I knew exactly what I was doing, because ultimately I knew that the girls would never hesitate to join my team!

Here was my plan:

1st step: AIM good!

2nd step: RUN FAST!

It never failed as soon as the first roll was thrown it was free game to bombard Dad! With 3 bathrooms in the house we'd all grab toilet paper rolls and start throwing! Sometimes my husband was downstairs and we would be upstairs or vice versa. Either way the screams and laughter would fill our home. Us girls would scream even more when we realized that with us 3 throwing and missing, he had more "ammo" than us!
Meanwhile our lights turned off and on from us hiding from him and from him hiding from us!

Sooner or later I had no choice but to resort to....SHAVING CREAM!

Of course this resulted in more screams and laughter throughout the house and we all ended up with shaving cream in our faces and hair!

Reflecting on those moments, I realized even though I say I love the peace and quiet of having adult children, I really do miss those days, and I'll always remember those days like it were yesterday. Afterall it does say in Proverbs 17:22 A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing,but a broken spirit dries up the bones. Do you have any days you'll always remember?

That's Life by Kimmy G.

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