Friday, March 12, 2010

We All Fall Short Fridays

The other day my grandson and I were picking the fruit from my Kumquat tree. It was actually a good time to practice his colors too! He would ask, "Is this orange, jamma?" "No, that's green." I would say. After picking 2 grocery bags full, he knew the 2 colors perfectly! I told him, "Okay now we need to wash our hands". I guess he thought I said we needed to wash the kumquats, so while I went inside he tried to carry the 2 bags!!
As you can see, He had a little problem!

He looked a little nervous like.."Oh no, I'm going to get in trouble"
but being the "Jamma (grandma) blogger that I am
I started laughing and told him to stay right there so I can get my camera!

Let's face it folks, we need to laugh a little! We make mistakes!
In this case it was even fun picking them up!
A day with my grandson..priceless! I love you Mikie!

What's your "fall short" this week?
That's Life by Kimmy G.


Aunt LoLo said...

Oooh...I used to pick kumquats from my great aunt's trees around her pool, in the great O.C.. I miss fresh kumquats....

Thanks for stopping by the Chow Review!! Let me know how the recipe turns out. :-)

Linda G said...

I used to have a tree too. Miss it. These pictures are adorable!
Your a nice jamma :)