Saturday, February 6, 2010

A friend loves at all times

Two days ago I get a text from a dear friend and it says,  

I knew what this meant, she needed us. As she would say,” She needed to draw from the well." Whether it be for laughter or tears or just to have a hug when we entered the door, she needed us. I watched as everyone came in and hugged her. Some long hugs, some short but with a big smile. It felt so good to be all together again. I sat in awe of how amazing God is for orchestrating such a great group of ladies.

Not asked to bring anything, we all just did. We had it all: chocolate cake, chips and dip, sodas of every color, pizza, wings and homemade cookies! But most of all, we had friendship!

In Proverbs 17:17 it states that a friend loves at all times. So we are called to love each other when were strong and love each other when we're weak. Today we loved each other by just showing up. We didn’t have to say anything particular because in each of our own ways we said, "I Love you, and I'm here for you!"

We sat around the table and talked about everything from jewelry to the Bachelor show, we learned who baked and who didn’t, who grew up where, and who was going to a Mariah Carey concert! No set program, no time restrictions, just a great "girl time" fellowship!

I had a great time and I'm thankful to have a friend that is real and able to say "Hey it's been awhile and I need you." Because in all actuality I needed her too!

What do you do to show your friend you love them at all times? or what do you plan to do?


The Truthfairy said...

I suppose I would start with a glimpse of hope and then send out an all-call text!!! It is such an amazing feeling knowing that you have such a wonderful group of friends. You know they are friends when they don't need to hear the details, they just stand in the gap. Laughter is such therapy, food is such comfort, but friends...can't describe it other than an all-in-one laser printer, they do it all!!! Ha-ha, that was random--I love my friends and pray that God would continue to fill them til their cups runeth over, in every area of their lives. As my prayers go forth for each one of them, may they know that you God are as real of a friend as it will ever get. What a generous heart, what a sincere thought, so much love to you my Kimmy!!!

Netsmom said...

That's awesome that your friend knows she can make a call, or send a text, and the support troops will show up. Most of the time, the best thing we can do is just what you ladies did, just be there and wrap our arms around your friend. Showing her your love, praying for her and just listening.
Topic on Friendship from my Bible, referring to Proverbs 27:9 The success of stores like Bath & Body Works proves that women love to smell good. There's something about a pretty fragrance that just cheers us up. Did you know that in the same way you can be a pleasant aroma to your friends? Your friendship can lift spirits of others and bring them joy, just like the smell of a beautiful fragrance. When you express heartfelt concern over them and the issues they're facing, you refresh them. When you care enough to get involved in their lives on a deeper level and offer encouragement and love you are being a true friend. Love you Kimmy, thanks for all you do!