Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A note I wrote in church one day..

Have you ever cried & tasted my presence?
Felt my arms embracing you while you worship?
Your troubles seem so BIG to you
But they are so little to me

So little that I can take care of each one of
your troubles at the same time...
Count your heads...count your problems...
How many problems do you think that is?
A large amount of problems but yet still
it is NOTHING to me...
I handle so much more in seconds of the day,
Yet you hold onto your problems so long
before you give them to me
I love to see you praise me & worship me
My hands are open to you my child
Give me the problems & Give me the praise!

(I wrote this down one day in church.. I know it was between 2000-2004, however I didnt write the date..bummer!)

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