Friday, October 26, 2012

My Pinterest Inspired Idea!

Recently I've been so inspired by things posted on Pinterest, especially in the area of recycling and craft ideas. I about flipped over a simple but so cute of an idea pinned by Desperate Craftwives 

Yes, it's a recycled parchment paper box!!
so I held on to a freezer paper box,
just for the day that I could do this!
I used some scrapbook paper, a hole punch and some ribbon!
Oh and baked some amazing cookies from Six Sister Stuff.
well, I had 6 cookies that wouldn't fit in the box,
so I scrambled around looking for an empty box....
and what a perfect box for my "tea buddy"
so how cute is this???
I discovered a "cookie dispenser" lol
I quickly threw out all the tea bags
(you know you're going to do the same!)
covered the box in some scrapbook paper,
and cut a hole for the cookie to escape!
 Needless to say it was an absolute hit
when my bff stopped by for a quick visit!
Now, I pray I've inspired you to bless someone with your creativity!
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1 comment:

Blythe said...

So glad you were inspired by my Mini Muffin Gift Box. LOVE your cookie dispenser! Great idea!
Desperate Craftwives